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August 15, 2008



You feed your family much better than I do! I hope they all appreciate your efforts. (And, a yogurt maker is a wonderful investment. I use mine very often and the results are always good.)


We've had all 3 of our sons deallergized. They've had major allergies to nearly everything under the . Some chiropractors do it. Great blog!


You may have already seen me post about this on my blog, but I have been getting some great lunch ideas from lunchinabox.net, which is a woman here in SF blogging about packing healthy and interesting bento lunches for herself and her pre-schooler. She uses a lot of leftovers which may or may not work for you, but originally she started bentoing because her husband was diagnosed with celiac disease (later un-diagnosed).

Also let me know if you want me to pick up any more bento stuff for you here. Don't know if you have a good selection in KL. Now I've found some of the places in Japantown and even our neighborhood to pick up some of the interesting containers and accessories for lunches.

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